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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wax Fingers

A unique and eclectic band hailing from Portland OR, Wax Fingers recently released a self-titled debut album that brings together some pretty diverse contemporary styles: experimental, math rock, progressive, psychedelic. “Animal Collective with a math rock edge” seems to be apt at first listen, but stay tuned and you’ll find it’s far from simplistic or contrived. There’s an authenticity to the album that makes the stylistic blend seem like their own, with jagged yet understandable rhythms, dynamic and practiced vocalization, artful use of electronics/effects, and sometimes spastic guitar riffs. Even styles you wouldn’t expect to hear seem to rear their heads (“Pummel Horse” has kind of a Klezmer, “Strange Days” sort of feel to it). While its probably too early to call them auteurs, solid musicianship paired with an interesting creative vision makes Wax Fingers one to watch. The Album is available to stream on Soundcloud (including a couple of free downloads), or it can be purchased on their homepage.

Sticky Bees by waxfingers

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