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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Solo project of Toronto composer Joey Hoyda, Apperception is an ambient guitar project distinguished by experimentation with polyrhythm, melody, and musical ambiguity, playing with the perception of the listener. It has it’s roots in a concept explored previously by Hoyda in a quintet. In that project, according to Hoyda: “a single repeating note pattern was orchestrated with an indefinite feel and time signature, allowing the listener to focus on different musical cues and create their own time signature depending on the object of their attention.” In some pieces, like Zappa Memorial BBQ, one main melody seems to stabilize the piece, which you eventually forget is there and begin to focus on all the counter melodies, while the percussion moves you through different phases of the composition. Other times, it is unclear what melodies are leading, and different rhythms seem to be fighting each other, but it all blends together in a beautiful, spacey ambiance.

More information, a link to purchase the CD and a free download of the album are available at the homepage. Check out the trippy fractal video made for Zappa Memorial BBQ:

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