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Greetings weirdos. You're probably in the middle of reaching out to a vast number of blogs right now trying to get coverage for your project, so I'll try to be short. If you are familiar with the blog, you know that I really only do Soundcloud and Bandcamp embeds (videos are cool too, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.). Other players often look gaudy and I rarely use them. So, if you have your music uploaded to one of those websites I will check it out, and provided I like it and it's appropriate for an experimental music blog, I will gladly post it. If I decide to post it, I'll send you a note telling you what day I scheduled it for. I usually post one track, EP, album, or video a day, sometimes two, I am getting a lot of submissions lately and will have to start being a little more selective. Also, don't expect a quick response, or for your stuff to be posted right away, but I do listen to everything. SOUNDCLOUD USERS: make sure you turn on embedding as SC no longer does this automatically. I can't post it unless you allow embeds.

With regards to reviews, once in a while, myself or an outside writer will review something for Caliper, but it is more likely your music will simply be embedded because of time and staff restraints. IT'S NOT NECESSARY TO SEND DOWNLOADS OR A PRESS KIT RIGHT OFF THE BAT. If I am interested in those things for a review or for my own collection, I will let you know. Also, private streams or giving me advance notice of a release is pointless. Just a short introduction and a PUBLIC link will suffice. If you're ok with all that and still want to share your music with me, send it to:

/\/\/\TT: Howlingcaliper(at)Gmail(dot)com

Thank you for sharing :)