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Friday, February 21, 2014

Staggered Laboratory's "Predictive Streaming," Random Music Streaming Plugin

Staggered Laboratories is a two man software development team who are something between software engineers and composers.  "We don't record music so much as render it" Kwame says.  "Using software that we wrote, we generate our sounds on a virtual machine and stream them directly to the web."  They are treading a unique path but one that has been explored by a few intrepid experimentalists before them.  If you're familiar with the history of experimental music, it is something between Brian Eno's concept of generative music, with their own form of controlled aleatory or chance composition (in fact the VST plugin they developed is called The Aleator), instituted in an elegant modern way that works with Reaper, the digital audio workstation.  I suppose if Brian Eno or John Cage were software engineers they would be developing plugins like this.  Experimental minded people will surely appreciate the thinking behind the project.  You can read more about their technology and their methods, as well as listen to a live stream on the Staggered Laboratories home page.

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