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Monday, November 14, 2011

EP Review: Finger Fangs – Nine Species

There’s a portion of “Teutonic Mythology,” a literary resource for German and Norse mythology, which refers to “nine species of holden.” The bad holden are described as elfish beings that “waste away the man at whom they are aimed.” It could just be a coincidence that the Brisbane-based experimental Finger Fangs named its free four-track EP “Nine Species,” but either way, the title fits this eerie collection of ambient sounds, field recordings and otherworldly soundscapes.

The opener, “Jackal Emperor Down on Earth Blues for Sale,” utilizes animal-like grunts, minimalist guitar instrumentation, whistling (which could also be interpreted as a monotone shriek) for an overall ghoulish effect. The ghostly “Pink Rainbow” offers up far-away howls and muffled voices -- the sounds of a mist-filled graveyard waiting to suck you into the depths (or a good old-fashioned scary haunted maze).

The clanging metallic noises and empty hallway feel of “Enwebbed” immediately brought to mind Emika’s “Cooling Room” (from last year’s Ostgut Ton Fünf compilation, which also incorporated found sounds); but instead of being ushered into an empty warehouse club, Finger Fangs listeners are ushered into the ninth circle of hell.

Not too long ago, Soundcloud posted the “What Is Sound” video, asking other musicians and sound artists to describe how they relate to sound. It was another reminder that “there’s music in every sound.” Finger Fangs clearly holds this concept to heart with “Nine Species” – it’s just that in this case, the music is dark, creepy, and if you dwell in it too long, it may just waste away at you.

--Elaine Ordiz

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