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Monday, August 22, 2011

Sparky and the Random Band: Making the Strange Things Happen (Everyday)

Patrick and Jami, the husband and wife duo out of Minnesota known as Sparky and the Random Band have been making free form experimental music and videos for about a year now. Ambient and bizarre, their music, as well as their videos, create an alternate sensory experience. Listening to the music, I find myself asking: “what’s making this noise?” Then I watch their videos and ask: “what am I seeing here?” Eventually I give up trying to guess how they made that weird sound and I’m simply absorbed in it like an acid trip. Its amazing that they are able to achieve this other worldly quality considering their material is improvised and recorded live in their basement, with an old multi-track recorder. "It's based on free form jazz and beat poetry but made with effects pedals” Patrick says. "We make music, make videos and then post them to the internet… sometimes all in one day.” The instruments range from an old Conn organ, Moog theremin, didgeridoo, vocal samples, and even their cat Ozma, all of which are diluted with effects until they sound like something else entirely. Always adventurous and experimental, they try to “make the strange things happen (everyday)” as their tag line goes. Their new EP is called "Organza." It is available for free download along with their other albums on Vibedeck. They also have a blog with a little more info including a completely true story about how the band started. And make sure you check out all their weird videos. Like this one:

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