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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Suede Ape

Jam albums don't have much of a place in the musical phases I've been in as of late, but this one is interesting. Suede Ape is a side project that brought together some pretty talented and creative musicians including Geoff Rowan (In Sepia), and Andrew Monzon (In Sepia, Last Legs). In addition to the familiar guitar and bass foundation, some electronic elements (kaos pad, synth, drum pad, etc.) were used to keep it interesting. There doesn't seem to be any big concepts here besides the simple idea of editing a jam into an album, but thats kind of what's exciting about it: your not sure where it will go. The album is available for download, including one free track on their bandcamp page.

Suede Ape by howlingcaliper

Saturday, February 5, 2011

How To Wreck A Nice Beach

Dave Tompkins, former columnist for Wire magazine has written a book on the history of the vocoder called How To Wreck A Nice Beach. Dave and Monk One have made a mix of their How To Wreck A Nice Beach track for The Wire. You can download on Wire's blog post.. Pretty Kewl...