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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Review from Pitchfork, David First, Electronic Works 1976-1977 on Dais Records

 Re-release by David First on Dais records,

“My personal definition of rock and roll is people attempting to do something that's beyond their ability to do it well,” said David First in 2010. He was talking about his band the Notekillers, and the way their instrumental music both carves out lines and spills beyond them. I don’t know if First feels the same about composition or improvisation, two forms that he’s spent as much time exploring as rock'n'roll. But much of his music bears that kind of fearless ambition—a drive to, as he also said about the Notekillers, “do stuff that pushes us to our physical and mental limits...” -Marc Masters

 Taken from the Marc Masters album review on Pitchfork.com. Read the entire review here.

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