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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The many bands of Zach Hill....

Zach Hill, the talented Sacramento drummer is in so many experimental, progressive, and math rock bands its easy to lose count. All of these bands are interesting, and many, but not all, have a math rockish sound similar to Hella, his main band/duo, formed in 2001 with long time friend and band mate Spencer Seim, with whom he played in Legs on Earth (his first band I believe). Dan Elkan was also in Hella From 2005 to 2006.

Most classify Hella as math rock, or experimental rock. With seemingly complex, crazy, angular guitar riffs, electronic sounds, drum machines, samples (that sometimes seem to have no rythmic relation to other melodies or to the beat), complex rhythms and odd time signatures, Hella’s music, like Zach Hill’s drumming style in general, I think, can be called excessive. They ironically put “minimalist” as their genre on myspace. But as he said in an interview on thewigfitsallheads.com: “I don’t set out to make something weird for the sake of being weird. I do like to go about things that create a new experience and I don’t set any limits for myself. I am open to trying new things and experimenting. It’s never a cautious thing, but it isn’t really about intentionally going out to do things to be weird. I try to avoid anything contrived, for the most part. You can hear it when an artist does stuff like that purposefully.” He is also a visual artist and photographer, being credited with much of the album art work for several of the bands he’s played with. You can check out some of his card board paintings here.

Here’s a list of all of his other bands besides Hella that I could gather:

Holy Smokes: (I couldn’t find much information on Holy Smokes, but I hear the voice of Rob Crow from Pinback on one track. You can listen to holy smokes here.
Nervous Cop: With drummer greg saunier of Deerhoof, this was supposedly a jam session between the two drummers that was later edited, also features electronics guru John Dieterich, and harpist joanna newsom of The Pleased. You can buy/download the album here.
El Grupo Nuevo (de Omar Rodriguez Lopez): with Omar and Cedric from The Mars Volta, its pretty much The Mars Volta, as the title states: its "Omar’s new band."
Team Sleep: With Chino Moreno from Deftones, and Rob Crow from Pinback. Mostly melow, ethereal, Deftonesy, with lots of effects and drum machine beats.
Goon Moon: Folksy, alternative, indy, Zach was just a collaborator in this band.
Marnie Stern: An experimental/progressive guitarist from new york, really interesting, fairly accessible for a progressive artist. Zach doesn’t always play with her.
Crime in Choir: sounds like an 80s prog band to me
The Ladies: With Pinback’s Rob Crow.
Bygones: With Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos. Some of it is metal/ hardcore, good but typical, other times they are pretty interesting. Similar to Hella. The song “Click on That (Smash the Plastic Death)” is cool. sounds like a more accessible Hella song to me.
CHLL PLL: Electronic, midi, happy yet perverse, odd and heavy. Catchy rythms and melodies.
Flössin: Free form, improve, electronic, noise, jazz, pretty cool.

And of course his solo stuff: http://www.myspace.com/zachhillmusic, He's going to do some shows coming up in April with Nick Reinhart.

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